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1. iTunes finally - FINALLY - has Dangerdoom. It's as bizarre as I'd expected, even without Aqua Teen Hunger Force making customized appearances throughout, but it's also totally awesome - certainly the best non-Grey Album beatwork I've heard DangerMouse produce (i.e., it's way better than the new Gorillaz record). If you liked Madvillain(y), you will be fully prepared; I might go as far to say that I prefer this collaboration, just for the sheer lunacy.

2. Those of you who play World of Warcraft - what server are you on? I'm still kneedeep in my lvl36 Human Warrior on Ner'Zhul, but that server gets incredibly wonky and/or full and the lag is just ridiculous. I'm thinking about starting an LJ alt guild somewhere. Talk to me.

3. My boss announced that I would have a relatively boring day in front of me, so I'm starting iPod War #6. You know the drill.
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3. My boss announced that I would have a relatively boring day in front of me, so I'm starting iPod War #6. You know the drill.

"Where does he get all his wonderful toys?"
Dude, with all my new jewels accumulated (Mountain Goats, Magic Numbers, et al.), I'm so hyped. I probably won't get one track from any of them, though... watch.
Man, I need to stop d/ling music before its released. I stole Dangerdoom more than 2 months ago, and I love it, but it's kind of old hat to me now. But yeah, great album.. I like it better than Madvilliany but not as much as Vaudeville Villian.

Also, have you heard the new Animal Collective? It's only eight bux on iTunes, and well, well worth it. My second favorite of the year behind Sufjan Stevens' Michigan.
1. I'm listening to Madvillainy right now, just go hear the contrast - I think I still like DangerDoom better, but "America's Most Blunted" is fucking awesome.

2. I have not heard Animal Collective, but you're not the first person telling me it's great - I will check it out ASAP.

3. I think you mean "Illinois", which is #2 on my list as well, right behind New Pornographers.
Ivan made me play, but now I'm hooked. I play on Lightbringer, because the first time I played, I got my Tauren Shaman (cheap, but what can you do?) to level 30-something on a PVP server and got really angry when level 60s would come up and kill me in contested territory for no reason! So, Lightbringer it is for me. Ivan just bought my account last Saturday though, so I have a level 18 mage and like a level 6 priest. I'm all about spell casting, if you didn't notice. We've got a bunch of friends all leveling together at the same time and it is *way* more fun.
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I hear you, about the PvP thing - my warrior was getting ganked left and right all over Stranglethorn Vale, and it was just driving me insane. Not to mention the lag on my server is just out of control - my wireless modem is sketchy to begin with, but Ner'Zhul is almost unmanageable at times. I started a bunch of characters on Skywall; I've got a lvl5 undead priest, a lvl5 human warlock, and... a lvl 2 tauren hunter, i think. Lightbringer, eh? Maybe I'll look you guys up.
I recommend the roleplaying servers. There's really not much actual roleplaying, just a smaller number of people named pwnsn00bs, or whatever.

I like Argent Dawn - I have a 43 Human Paladin and a 30-something Night Elf Priestess.