Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

space hos coast to coast

1. iTunes finally - FINALLY - has Dangerdoom. It's as bizarre as I'd expected, even without Aqua Teen Hunger Force making customized appearances throughout, but it's also totally awesome - certainly the best non-Grey Album beatwork I've heard DangerMouse produce (i.e., it's way better than the new Gorillaz record). If you liked Madvillain(y), you will be fully prepared; I might go as far to say that I prefer this collaboration, just for the sheer lunacy.

2. Those of you who play World of Warcraft - what server are you on? I'm still kneedeep in my lvl36 Human Warrior on Ner'Zhul, but that server gets incredibly wonky and/or full and the lag is just ridiculous. I'm thinking about starting an LJ alt guild somewhere. Talk to me.

3. My boss announced that I would have a relatively boring day in front of me, so I'm starting iPod War #6. You know the drill.
Tags: ipod war, music, wow
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