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The best word I can use to describe how I'm feeling right now: strange. I acknowledge the vagueness and the abstractness, but I don't really know how else to describe it; I'm feeling strange today. I had one of the most bizarre dreams I've ever had this morning, which might have kickstarted it; the weather is quite ugly; Kath did a tarot reading on me last night which was a bit unsettling as it was seemingly quite accurate; our internet connection has been unbelievably spotty of late, making WoW impossible to play. Let's start at the beginning, then:

1. The Incredibly Strange Dream: All you really need to know about the dream are the following 2 things: Kath was involved in a bisexual relationship with both my stepsister AND my stepsister's partner, and I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with their child. I seem to recall that the birthing process was akin to taking an enormous crap, although I never quite got that far along in the process. Now, the pregnant thing is probably because Kath and I watched disc 2 of Arrested Development Season 2 last night, which features Julia Louis-Dreyfus in a cameo role as a former girlfriend of Michael Bluth who is pretending to be 8 1/2 months pregnant. I don't quite get the whole bisexual thing, though, because it's not like there was hot lezbo action in my dream - if anything, there was just a lot of talking.

2. The Unsettlingly Ugly Weather: Gusts of up to 50mph, rain, ugliness all around. I was just in my boss' corner office, which is completely windowed - this is a day where I'd close the blinds, as the view outside is downright morbid. He's certainly not getting any usable light.

3. The Eerily Prophetic Tarot Reading: Kath is taking a Tarot reading class, and she needed to do a reading on me. Last time out my question was about my music career (mostly good news); last night my question was about my health. And it was pretty accurate in terms of detailing my frustration, my emotional distance, even my breakthroughs in therapy. I'm not going to die any time soon, apparently, but there's still a bit of tunnel left before I hit daylight.

4. The Stupid, Stupid Internet Connection: ****CAUTION: GEEK ALERT**** Ever since Friday my wireless connection, which is normally kinda shitty but workable, has been absurdly unusable. There's a little meter in World of Warcraft which measures latency; a good connection is generally between 0-250ms, ok is between 250-750ms, and poor is 750ms and up. Since I've started the game, my connection has generally hovered in the 750ms-1200ms range, which is shitty but at least still doable. However, for whatever reason, since Friday it's been no lower than 5000ms and is often over 12000ms before I get disconnected from the server. This means that I cannot actually kill what appears to be in front of me, and if I get tired of waiting and start to run away, I'll end up taking damage because the monster THINKS I'm still in front of it. Or, some Horde asshole will come along and gank me in one or two hits, which I'll never actually see because I think I'm somewhere else. While this is going on, I'm monitoring my actual wireless signal in the taskbar, which is generally between 24 and 56 [insert proper suffix here] and between good and excellent quality. I've checked my firewall, I've checked my virus software, I've even tried connecting directly to the modem; I have no freakin' idea what's gone wrong. I can't even get my character teleported to an inn so that I can get rest XP for all this downtime; he's just lying out in the middle of a field, dead.

5. mgrasso is floating around the possibility of a massive iPod war tournament, with brackets and everything; the jervo squad vs. the mgrasso squad. Give your iPod a lot of love and kisses, folks, and be prepared to coax some wond'rous shuffles forthwith.
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