Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. mgrasso is holding an iPod War of epic size and scope; get on it.

EDIT: from mgrasso's mouth:
Looking at the response so far? This is going to HELLA fun.

I want to do the mgrasso vs. jervo division set-up, though, so I need all of you guys on jervo's Friends list to submit a playlist!

Do you hear that? He just called all of you pussies.

2. Kath and I saw "Wallace & Gromit" last night; holy shit, it was awesome. That movie theater is nicer than I remembered, too - we were in one of the smaller theaters and it was still plenty big. It was also plenty empty - including us, there were 5 people in all. Regardless - for a character who doesn't speak, or even have eyebrows, Gromit might just be the most expressive animated creation of all time. And little bunnies shouting "Wheeeeeeee!" never, ever gets old.

3. Halloween is coming up, which means it's jongre's birthday. I hate Halloween but I love jongre, so I'm going out. All I'll say about it is: I'm growing a beard.

More in a bit; gotta work.
Tags: ipod war, movies
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