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1. Voting in iPod Tournament Round 2 continues until 4pm here. As of right now I am in a heated battle with delphicdays; I wonder what happens in the event of a tie?

2. Stomach is a little better today, in the sense that I was able to leave the house this morning.

3. Totally swamped with work today; no time to think.
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You getting Battlefront 2 for Xbox today??? We had a ton of fun last year on Live...

Also I want in on one of these iPod wars!
I don't think I'm getting Battlefront 2 just yet - I had fun with the first one for a little while, but it got old pretty quick. If the reviews are good, though, maybe I'll give it a shot.

Question: Why can't say someone like me merely use my iTunes on random for the wars? I'm only able to compete at home and when I'm here I use my computer for music...
There's no reason why you can't; when I submitted my entry for Round 2, I used my iTunes from my home computer. I generally just go on the assumption that most people don't have their iTunes library handy unless it's in portable form.