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1. I was running a wee bit late this morning because of my stomach; when I got to the subway station I found that my Metrocard had expired, and the tollbooth guy SLOWLY gave me my card and change while a train entered and left the station. 10 minutes later, another train arrived... and went right past my stop without stopping. 5 minutes after that, another train arrived and actually let us on board. 4 stops later - and one stop away from my connecting terminal - the N/W line experiences signal problems. 20 minutes later, the N/W line is still experiencing signal problems. 20 minutes after that, we are told that all N/W service HAS BEEN SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY. I walk the remaining 8 or so blocks to Queensboro Plaza, where I catch the ol' 7 train and make it to work almost 90 minutes after I'd originally intended.

I bring this up because the MTA, having seemingly raised subway fares every other month, has made a lot of announcements recently about what they're going to be doing with their newfound budget surplus - a brand-new 2nd Avenue subway line, an extension of the PATH train to Grand Central, etc. To which I say, FIX THE FUCKING TRAINS YOU ALREADY HAVE.

2. My weekend was pretty nice; Friday night my WoW character hit level 40 and got a horse; Saturday was Chris and Joy's wedding, which was amazing; Sunday I was supposed to meet with David but inadvertantly left my cellphone off and, on an errand run with Kath, ended up almost getting a puppy. Stupid, stupid, stupid - the flaking out on David, I mean, not the almost-puppy-having.

3. Between this morning's subway commute and my having to pull a PowerPoint presentation out of my ass - especially since I don't even really know how to use PowerPoint - all the nice vibes of a relaxing and mellow weekend have flown out the proverbial window; I am agitated and tense and, oddly, hungry.

4. Phish recently released their live recordings of the infamous Island Tour, a series of 4 shows in early 1998. I went to the 2 Long Island shows, and they remain some of the most amazing concerts I've ever been to. I've had bootlegs of those shows for years - hell, probably about 2 or 3 months after the shows themselves - and I was somewhat hesitant about upgrading to the "official" copies; after all, part of what makes bootlegs so great is that you can hear the audience reacting, and a lot of what made these shows so amazing is that there was a remarkable synergy between the band and the audience. That said, I bit the bullet and downloaded the Nassau shows; and all I gotta say is, holy fucking shit they sound amazing. If you have even the slightest interest in Phish, I cannot recommend the Nassau shows enough; there's a 5-6 minute segment of the "Twist" jam that has not stopped giving me chills for the last 8 years, no matter how many times I've heard it.

5. One month from tomorrow, I turn 30.
Sheeeit, you're younger than me? Why did I always think older?
No idea; I generally go under the assumption that I'm the youngest person I know.
In my primary group of friends, I am generally the youngest. Damn st00pid married responsible pair-bonded friends.
1. Seriously? Or are you just screwing around? I have no idea what the bond is. I also am not totally sure I know where our new voting place is, but that's another story.
You know since moving I forgot to ask you where you are living around here? I'm on the Broadway stop...

Also I went to get WoW and everyone I spoke to gave me conflicting advice about it. Like it is too easy; cost too much...what do you think?
I'm on the Astoria Blvd stop.

+ has a gentle learning curve
+ $15/month isn't THAT expensive...
+ ...considering its highly addictive nature - I've spent a lot less money in the last few months on videogames b/c my primary focus has been on WoW, so it's more than evened out

- is incredibly addictive
- has some moderate lag issues
- if you're unprepared for the Player-vs-Player experience, getting killed by higher-level enemy players can be a major pain in the ass
We should hang some day man...

I may pick it up. I'm playing FEAR and am completely bored.
To quote Steve Martin:

Many very fine writers are intimidated when they have to write the way people really talk. Actually it's quite easy. Simply lower your IQ by fifty and start typing!

In my opinion, it is equally easy to use PowerPoint: simply think like your idiot boss and it will all start to make sense.