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There's no "I" in win!

Last night's hour-long block of Arrested Development might have been the best TV I've seen in a long, long time. So many hilarious lines ("The jury's still out on science"), sight gags (the boom mike, any number of fair signs) and overall ridiculousness (the Godzilla scene). Good times.

That is all.
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It did rock, and I must watch again today when I get home from work to catch EVERYTHING.
We almost forgot it was on, and just happened to be watching Fox (thank god for Seinfeld reruns). Definitely two classic episodes.
I got WoW...I'lll be on late tonight. What server you use? I'm on Warsong...
I've got my 2 mains on Ner'Zhul... 3 low-level alts on Skywall... and another low-level character on Daggerspine. Have you decided which side you're going to be?
Alliance human warrior (Filmoorgravs). I tend to have only one character as I am limited for time; esp this time of year...
I didn't mean to have so many, and I don't really play most of them. The 2 on Ner'Zhul... I couldn't figure out if I wanted to be a Human Warrior or a Night Elf Druid, so I tried them both out. The Warrior is my lvl41, but when I get bored of him I switch over and build up my lvl17 Druid.

I started 3 on Skywall because at one point Ner'Zhul was nearly unplayable with all the lag; haven't really touched them.

And my character on Daggerspine is a Horde Tauren Druid, which I started because some friends of mine are badasses on that server and I wanted to play with them.
No comment, Mr. "I work at a company that is corrupting the youth of America" Smarty-Pants! Don't make me sic Jack Thompson on you!
Yeah, but it was on purpose; there was a quick sequence where they had discovered that there was a mole in the operation, and they kept flashing on character's faces to see who would be recording secret conversations, and then there was a long shot where the boom mike was right at the top of the frame - it was absolutely hilarious.
The Godzilla scene was so well set-up, so unexpected, and so surreal that I opened my mouth to laugh, the flood of comedic truth hit me, and I sat there paralyzed at the sheer brilliance. I mean, fuck.