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Bringing the ladies home

My stomach is an absolute mess today, but at least I've got company. (I just put up some new photos here.)

Yeah, so.... we went up to my mom's house to get a dog, but we really didn't think we'd be able to get what we wanted. The vast majority of the dogs at upstate shelters are either (a) too old or (b) too big. My mom happened to look in the local paper and saw that a guy was selling yorkie-poos, for far less than we'd seen online... and while we felt guilty about not getting a shelter dog, like we'd planned on all along, we also knew that this opportunity to get the dog we'd always wanted was too good to pass up. So we took it.

And now, we have two of them! They're 12 weeks old and the guy we bought them from wanted to sell them together; which, frankly, is the right thing to do with puppies this tiny - they play with each other and they can keep each other warm. And, I mean, good lord, they're just too goddamned cute for words. They were both incredibly shy when we met them, and while they sat in our laps while we drove home they were still very nervous and skittish. It wasn't until that evening when they started warming up to us and playing. When we got back to Queens yesterday, we played with them all afternoon and pretty much just fell to pieces. Of course, we needed to start to teach them to be independent of us, and so we gated them in the hallway and closed our bedroom door, and the two of them howled and cried all night - breaking our hearts.

We originally thought that Lily (the all-black one) was the more dominant of the two, as she was the most adventerous, but as it turns out Lola is the alpha - she's a little bossy, and tries to control whatever Lily is doing. It's kinda funny - Lily will come over to me and start playing with my fingers, and Lola will run over and start doing the same thing, except she doesn't exactly know what Lily's trying to do, so they get all tangled up... it's ridiculously adorable.

I'm staying home today because I'm feeling terrible, but also because this is as good a time as any to start teaching them that it's not the end of the world if we leave the house. We found some exercises to help reduce separation anxiety, and I'll be doing my darndest to get them to learn. They're incredibly smart dogs, actually, so hopefully they'll figure it out in spite of the trauma they've been going through - in the course of 48 hours they've gone from being the runts in a 15-dog household to living it up in Queens with 2 complete strangers...
We did something similar: adopted sibling kittens (Lizzy and Charlotte) when we really only wanted one. And now we say almost every day how glad we are that we kept them together. A close friend of mine has a Yorkie family, and it's clear how much the little pups all love each other. You did good.
My family got a Yorkie when I was in sixth grade; I'd give anything to be able to play with him again back when he was a puppy. He's around twelve years old now and not that much larger than he was as a puppy, but the youthful curiosity is part of what makes puppies so adorable.
The heartbreak of training puppies!! It's so hard. I was never very good at that - and that's probably why Olive still gets to pick the best spot on my bed every night...