Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. Tremendously busy morning has given way to a sleepy lunchtime; not sure what the afternoon holds, but I have to cut out at 5 because we're taking the puppies to the vet.

2. Yesterday, mgrasso posted his list of the "10 top-to-bottom, every-song-is-good albums of the 90s". Upon immediate inspection, I felt convinced that he'd forgotten quite a few, although by his criteria I too would feel compelled to leave "OK Computer" off the list because I can't stand "Electioneering". I promised that I would run home and look at my iTunes and come up with a bunch of other albums that met that criteria... and, as it turns out, over half of the albums in my collection do not have a "Year" entry according to iTunes. I also only had about 20 seconds to deal with this list, so I can't quite yet respond. However, I do have to put Hum's "Downward Is Heavenward" on my eventual list... that album is still astounding. I'd also have to determine which Sea and Cake album I'd include, and it's possible I'd put all of their first 3 albums on my list. Anyway, if you want to chime in, be my guest.

3. I downloaded the new Wilco live album last night and so far it's incredible. I didn't see this tour but I distinctly remember nothinganything writing a review of a show he saw, which, because it was one of the most amazing concert reviews I've ever read, made me feel like I'd been there with him. In any event, it's a great setlist and it's a lot of fun to hear these songs played in front of an enthusiastic audience.

4. The puppies are getting better, w/r/t the whole abandonment thing. The apartment was still standing when I got home yesterday, and we were able to sleep most of the night. Their personalities continue to get defined/refined as we play with them; Lily is a firecracker, Lola ultimately just wants to be held.

5. There's a TV ad campaign running now - I think it's for some shitty beer like Natty Light or something - and there's one commercial in particular wherein a group of 3 hicks are working on a car engine, and then one of them sees a dog and starts talking all cutesy, and then a gigantic can of beer falls on his head and obliterates him. I knew I would end up being one of those guys once we had a dog in the house, and now it's just gotten absurd. For all the anxiety I'm feeling about taking care of them when I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing, I'm also ridiculously smitten with them. Is this what Patton Oswalt referred to as being a dog fag? I apologize in advance.
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