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1. Arrested Development's imminent demise has gotten a lot of press lately, which is fantastic - it warms my heart to know that there ARE people who watch this show besides me and you. Time Magazine has an interesting perspective about a rumored move to cable today: Would AD still be funny if it were uncensored? When you stop to think about it, it very well might not - part of what makes the show so hilarious is its subversion of prime-time censors. The joke about Tobias calling his wife a "selfish - country-music loving person" wouldn't necessarily be so shocking if he could've finished his original thought. I agree with the article in that the show's writers are clearly smart enough to find a way to make a censor-free environment work, but to be honest there's a part of me that would love for them to keep the bleeping in.

2. My videogame time has been severely limited since we got the puppies; this is not inherently a bad thing, and I'm kinda proud of myself that I haven't broken out into cold sweats or gotten the shakes or anything. However, the impending launch of the Xbox360 has resulted in a flood of movies for the launch titles... and now I'm foaming at the mouth. I didn't pre-order it, so it's unlikely I'll get my hands on it before January, but HOLY CRAP it's awesome. Plus it comes with wireless controllers, which are great because the puppies have already shown themselves to be very interested in the wires of my current Xbox controllers.

more later.
1. i have had this thought about AD on cable. I love the bleeping, too-- but mostly i just want the show to stay on the air.

p.s. most trades are talking about it as if it's already been cancelled.
1. If they DID make the move to cable, it's entirely possible that they could continue bleeping but put the actors in physical unbleepable situations - and here I'm (obviously) thinking of Tobias.
I still think (without reading in the trades and such) it would do very well in a 10:00ish slot on a channel like FX. You get to be a little more rique, but still can do the subverting censorship dance.
I think they could make AD work without the censoring, but just because they move to cable doesn't mean they have to eliminate that stuff. It wouldn't be necessary, but it's not like they couldn't use it for comedic value.

I do think that's part of the brilliance of the show, that it's completely crude without being crude. Crude in a smart way. That doesn't have to go away just because they're on cable. In fact, it might be even funnier that they stick with that stuff even when they don't have to.
I don't think that the writing would change one bit - they keep the comedy classy, censors or no.
Dude, I played Madden and it's cool but so far all the launch titles are getting poor reviews...
No they aren't... PGR3, Kameo and Call of Duty are all getting great reviews, actually. Those 3 and Perfect Dark are the main launch titles I'm worried about, at any rate... I have no desire for any of EA's titles.
I played Kameo and it's eh at best (we have one running in the back), PGR is awesome, but only if you are into driving simulators (I'm not) and Call of Duty (and Quake 4) are EXACTLY like their PC counterparts; which is great, but not nessisarily something you want to ride a launch title on.

Perfect Dark comes in tomorrow and we will crank it up; it looks awesome.

So far though, January or later seems plenty of time to get a 360 for.

What I don't get either is that if you are going to port PC games for a launch date, why not HF2??? It needs the graphics of the 360 badly.

At any rate, I'm not shitting on the 360, just saying it doesn't really seem to have the must have game yet. Who knows? Perfect Dark could be that...