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Goddamn, I'm 30.

Unlike 25, which I had set up as this gigantic milestone, I've been feeling pretty low-key about turning 30. Most of my friends are already there anyway, so to me it's more about catching up than being in denial. Still, though, it's pretty fucking wierd to say it out loud.

We took the puppies to the vet last night for their 3rd round of vaccinations. Here's a camera pic of them just before the carnage.

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Puppies make everything better.

Happy birthday man. Welcome to this side of the precipice.
Yup. Sleep dep, the Iron & Wine show (scrumptilescent!) and other real-life buggery has prevented me from spiffing up an icon and coming up with a FAQ. Soon, though. Did you get the invite?
Happy Birthday, dude. Don't worry, the 30s are good. They beat the hell out of the 20s.
have a great bday!

i can't wait until i cross over the threshold of the 20s in the far, far future...otherwise known as next august.
Thanks. I'll be waiting for you on the other side, in my wheelchair, drooling.
Happy birthday, bitches (referring to the mass of cells that form your collective consciousness)!
The Harry Potter-esque books. You were going to send me an Amazon link.