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1.  I've been extraordinarily good recently, at least in terms of not splurging on DVDs - I think the last DVD I bought was Batman Begins. That's all about to change:

  • Clone Wars, Volume 2
  • Sin City Special Edition
  • Airplane! The "Don't Call Me Shirley" Edition
  • The 40 Year Old Virgin

2.  Mike needed books to read while on tour, and so I recommended about a million; among other things, he really got into House of Leaves. For my birthday, he bought me Pale Fire, which continues with the whole "multiple-authors-and-texts" idea, and which I'm enjoying the hell out of.; I'm pretty sure this is the first Nabakov I've read; I will probably be reading more.

3.  I meant to write about this yesterday, but I was obscenely busy and never got the chance.  This is an open letter to my stepfather.  Paul, if you ever call me to guarantee a Giants victory ever again, I will hurt you.  It's true that the Giants did eventually win, but JESUS CHRIST.

More in a bit.

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I'm reading House Of Leaves right now, and hope to finish it on our marathon plane rides this week. What was your take on this book? I like it so far, more for the crazy structure than the actual story.

HoL is one of my all-time favorites; I adore it. I love the design, I love the concept, I love that it's one of the only books I've ever read that's genuinely creeped me out. There's one scene/image in particular that gave me a rather large case of the heebie jeebies, which I'd be more than happy to talk about once you finish it.