Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Busy busy busy busy busy.

1. The impending Transit Strike of Doom is, well, kinda shitty and ridiculous and I'm trying really hard to not stress out about it - but the good news, if there is indeed a strike, is that none of my bosses will be coming in tomorrow, so I won't have to come in. The bad news, then, is that if the strike isn't resolved by Monday, I am shit out of luck; of the 3 available carpooling options in Queens, none of them are near where I live.

2. I got the results back from my bloodwork taken last week; Kath and I are on a very low-fat, low cholesterol diet and I wanted to see how I was doing. The last time my cholesterol was checked (I think in early summer), it was in the 260s; I'm down to 190 now, and the rest of my stats are great. My doctor even used the word "perfect" to describe it. This is (a) surprising and (b) awesome.

3. It would figure that the day Best Buy gets new Xbox360s in stock is the same day that I'm leaving the city for my grandmother's birthday party. I've got an "in" at my closest store, but it may very well end up being useless - especially if the transit strike happens and I have no practical way of getting there/back.

More work.
Tags: gaming, health, nyc, xbox360

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