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1. Holy crap, it's an LJ birthday explosion! Happy birthday troubadour76, dirtdirt, and viktorcello!

2. While I'm pleased that there's no major transit strike at the moment, I must be honest and admit that I kinda was looking forward to sleeping in today. I was up until 12:30 last night watching NY1 hoping to hear some sort of resolution, and apparently there wasn't anything to report until almost 5:00am. The union rejected the MTA's proposal, and while there's a partial strike right now affecting some private buslines in Queens, the threat still looms of a larger strike on Tuesday. The MTA might be the most fucked up, devious and evil organization in the country right now - even more so than the Bush Administration - and there's no telling what's in store for next week.

3. Fantastic songwriting session last night with the band; we've pretty much finished arrangements and structure for 2 new songs, and all that's left is polishing the melody and lyrics. That said, the new songs sound great and I'm very, very excited to put them on their feet. Bonus: Mike let me rip a whole mess of Wilco outtakes, which I just realized I totally forgot to transfer over to my iPod this morning.

4. Saturday will be spent mostly horizontal; Sunday was possibly going to entail a very early morning jaunt over to Best Buy to scoop up an Xbox 360, but I've decided to pass for the moment; in any event, later that day we're going up for my grandmother's birthday party.

5. It's funny; I was foaming at the mouth over the Xbox 360 as recently as last week, but the funny thing is that its continuing unavailability has actually managed to reduce my hunger. I've lived this long without it; I'm not going to make the purchasing experience any more difficult than it needs to be. I'll get it when I get it. In the meantime, Lily and Lola continue to provide fantastic interactive entertainment, except for the whole poo-eating thing.
Regarding 4/5: keep an eye out on the Xbox forums because web retailers have been selling 360's sporadically over the last few weeks. I finally found a bundle that made sense and it came this morning.
It came with a premium, extra wireless controller, wireless controller charger, memory card, some stupid faceplate, PGR3, Tony Hawk, Kameo, and CofD.

It was Barnes and Noble (bn.com), selling Gamestop bundles.

Found it watching this Xbox Launch forum for the past few weeks. It seems every few hours somebody is posting a link to an online retailer; sometimes with bundles, sometimes just the system. I liked what came in the bundle, so I got it, but I'll be bringing the faceplate and memory card somewhere after Christmas for an exchange.
man, what is it with little dogs eating their own shits? my parents have a couple of Bichon-Frises and, yeah. horrifying.