Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. It's another LJ birthday extravaganza! Happy birthday to suzycreamcheese, furthertofly, and the_zoo!!!

2. Word on the street is that the transit strike might end soon and the subways could start running as early as tomorrow morning. Woohoo! Still, though, I didn't get home from work yesterday until almost 9:00. My carpool is leaving the city at 4ish today; hopefully I'll get home before 7. This is absolute madness and it had better end soon.

Big 2005 wrapup to come, if I'm properly motivated - there are best-of lists to do, there are memes to fill out, there are tons of words to write that won't really matter to anyone besides me in 10 years when I go back and reread all this stuff. Anyway, regarding motivation - somehow, in spite of the traffic I got in early this morning and I've had absolutely no work to do - ordinarily I wouldn't mind, but the ridiculousness of the commute in both directions makes this lack of activity all the more frustrating - I could very easily be doing nothing at home, in my pajamas, with the puppies. So I'm tired and bored and cranky and those are not ideal conditions to be objectively reflective.
Tags: mta, nyc

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