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Looking around the desk where I'm currently sitting, the time is either 1:34, 1:35, 1:36, or 1:37pm. Regardless of what time it actually is, it's not yet 5pm, and so today is just not moving fast enough.

Right now I'm thinking of all the things I would buy, if I had any money. These include DC games, CDs, DVDs, a non-lose-able moonstone ring for the woman, recording equipment...

The woman's show opens on Thursday, which is good news for multiple reasons, the most important being that our time together won't be limited to 20 minutes on the phone anymore. I haven't seen her since last Thursday, and while we've talked on the phone every day, we've really only been able to talk for about 20 minutes each time. It's wierd being in a long distance relationship when you live 45 minutes apart by subway. Soon enough, baby, soon enough...

Today's question: What were your favorite board games when you were a kid? I was (and still am) a fiend about Monopoly, but I also remember loving Sorry!, Life, MasterMind, and Chutes&Ladders. Card games weren't really my thing. My mom and I used to play rummy and go fish a lot, but not for very long.

...zzz... I've been drinking a lot of coffee over the last few months. I'm up to at least 2 a day now, which may not sound like much, but I was caffeine-free for over a year not too long ago. I'm expecting my stomach to mount a full-scale mutiny soon...

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