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1. David Letterman to Bill O'Reilly: "I'm not smart enough to debate with you point-to-point on this, but I have the feeling that 60% of what you say is crap."

2. Jon Stewart will host the Oscars this year.

3. Good Evening rehearsal last night was a surprising success - we spent all 4 hours working on 3 new songs, hoping to get them gig-ready, and for the most part we succeeded. We've got 2 more full-band rehearsals between now and Tuesday night, and I'm relatively optimistic that we'll be able to pull everything together. And even if we don't, even if they're just 80%-90% done, each song has at least one totally awesome part that's worth hearing, and I'd certainly feel comfortable playing them in front of a small-ish crowd.

4. When I got home I watched the last 5 minutes of the USC-Texas game, which was apparently all I needed to see. Sports Guy watched the whole thing for me, anyway.
    8:21 -- Our celebrity coin tosser tonight ... Judge Smails' wife from "Caddyshack." Whoops, that's Sandra Day O'Connor. Sorry about that, Sandy.

5. iTunes has this new "Just For You" feature, which sorta works like Amazon's recommendation system but it's sorta flawed for my purposes - I've got over 6000+ in my library, but this feature is only geared towards the 100 or so songs I've bought since August. In any event, I'd kept seeing My Morning Jacket's "Z" floating around, and I caved in and bought it - it's pretty good.
Hah! I just posted that very same thing about the Sports Guy's running diary. Sheesh. :)
Have you ever been to Austin? If not, then there's no way I can describe to you the sheer awesomeness of what took place last night on Sixth Street. A sea of people. all clad in orange, all with horns pointed skyward. Strangers hugging each other. This sort of shit doesn't happen in professional sports.

This is why I'm hoarse today, trying to function at work on only four hours' sleep. This is why I'm never leaving Austin.
Unfortunately, I was rooting for USC, because I immediately associate anything Texas-related with George W. Bush. I do know that Austin is an awesome city, and I'm sure that the place must have been absolutely insane last night.
Aside from a few counties near the border, ours was the only county in Texas that Kerry won. That sentence explains Austin more succinctly than anything else I could say.

Also, George W. Bush is from Connecticut. I'm tired of hearing that bullshit accent.