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Don't know why I haven't been updating that much recently; at least I've got some stuff to talk about today.

1. We brought Lily and Lola to the vet's office this morning; they're getting spayed today (or, as we'd prefer to call it, they're having their maidenhood permanently preserved). They looked especially cute as they popped their little heads out of the carrying case and looked at us as we left; they will look absolutely ri-goddamn-diculous when we take them home tonight and they're both wearing their little conehead things. I don't know if they make dog-cones that small - we may end up having to use some coffee filters or something. In any event, it's an anxious day in the Vosston household.

2. I've been plowing through the His Dark Materials trilogy - I started it last weekend and I'm already about a third into the final book. Thank you, jongre, for the recommendation; you are right, they are awesome.

3. I'm pretty sure that I need to have this as soon as possible.

4. In Xbox360 news... I finished Call of Duty 2 (amazing) and Amped 3 (pretty good); finished Acts 1 and 2 of Quake 4 (much better than the reviews led me to believe) and am pretty close to finishing Kameo (great stuff); haven't picked up Perfect Dark Zero in a while, and after I beat all the Story Modes in DOA4 I put that one down as well, as it's fucking HARD.

5. Knicks GM Isiah Thomas has threatened to kick The Sports Guy's ass. Seriously. Oh, Isiah. I remember when I actually gave a shit about the Knicks. I do believe I stopped right around the time you destroyed them.
1. I remember when we got our youngest kitties fixed. Sam called me at work to let me know that they'd come through the surgery ok. I'm sure your girls will be fine. :)

2. Those books are amazing. I love them.
1. I'm sure they'll be fine... but still, they're our babies, and we're worried.

2. I'm sorta surprised at how dark the books are; I don't exactly know what I was expecting, but there's a great deal of violence and mayhem. Which is great and all; I just wonder what age these books are geared for.
If these movies come out at the same time as the followups to Narnia... oh, man, it'll be awesome.

Also, I can't help but chuckle at the choice of name for the evil Mrs. Coulter. It's almost too perfect.
Wait, you think I saw Narnia? I meant the whole inevitable battle between the movie-going public and the Church. I have no intention or desire to see the Narnia movies - the SNL "Lazy Sunday" skit is as far as I care to go.