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Today's horrible news story

From the "You Think Your Life Is Bad?" file:

Man Trapped for 80 Hours in Portable Toilet

VIENNA (Reuters) - A man was trapped for more than three sweltering days in a portable toilet after fleeing from muggers, a newspaper said on Tuesday.

The 63-year-old victim's ordeal began on Wednesday when he was hit on the head and robbed by two men in Vienna, according to the Kurier.

The muggers then chased him through the streets until he spied the mobile lavatory and locked himself in.

But his assailants flipped the toilet over with the door face down so that he could not get out, the paper said.

``He screamed again and again for help and banged against the walls, but nobody heard him because it was on a very busy crossroads,'' a policeman was quoted as saying.

His traumatic experience ended on Sunday morning when the man managed to break open one of the vents and flag down a startled passer-by.

Kurier said temperatures inside the cramped plastic container must have soared well above the 86 degrees Fahrenheit heat outside during his 80-hour ordeal.

A police spokeswoman told Reuters she could not confirm the details of the man's story as he was still very confused.

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