Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. For whatever reason, Good Evening did not rehearse this weekend even though we all said we were going to and we had strived towards making firm dates and times. However, this freed me up to start recording a new song idea I've been working on; the song itself formed in my head and it was a strong enough idea to survive the transition between brain and fingers, but for whatever reason the basic guitar track I recorded on Saturday sounds retardedly gay. It's incredibly frustrating, especially when I'm so creatively dry, to have an idea that sounds great in my head AND great when I'm actually playing it sound so lifeless and dull when I hear it being played back to me. I'm not giving up on it - if anything, tonight I'm making a wholehearted effort to wrangle it into some sort of workable shape. If I manage to come up with anything not totally shitty, I'll burn it down and upload it.

2. Because Kath was filming stuff for the upcoming Six Characters show all weekend, I had the house to myself. This made for lots of recording time and oodles of puppy time, and it also gave me the opportunity to finish every Xbox360 game in my collection - which I did. Really, this just meant that I had to finish Condemned and Quake 4 (and, also, the rest of Quake 2, which is a bonus disc in the Quake 4 package). This is good news, because since the next round of decent Xbox360 games doesn't come out until March (Exhibits A and B, as well as some other mildly intriguing titles (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)), I will be effectively free of distractions (especially since I kicked my WOW habit) and can start writing and recording again with some regularity.

2a. The Xbox360 is a powerhouse machine capable of incredible graphics, physics integration and AI, so why do I find it sorta wierd that some of the most compelling and addictive games I've played on it are the Xbox Live Arcade and the port of Quake 2, a game that's almost 10 years old?

3. Question - do you prefer links to appear in a new window, or the same window? I (obviously) prefer links in a new window, as I generally think of links in an article or blog to be like footnotes, but does it drive you crazy? Should I not do it anymore? Keep in mind that I'm not using a client to make posts from work so I'm doing all of this by hand - adding 'target="_blank"' to a link has become automatic to me but I can stop if it's driving everyone insane. Fuck it, let's make this a poll:
Poll #663148 Target= ?

How should I post links from now on?

In the same window
In a new window
I don't read this blog but my opinion counts anyway
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