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1. The new Aceyalone/RJD2 album album is pretty goddamned amazing, and I'd be prepared to call it the best album Acey's ever done by a country mile - even better than Book of Human Language, which is one of my all-time favorites.

2. iTunes, upon seeing that I'd downloaded it, recommended that I pick up Vaudeville Villain, which I guess iTunes just made available. It is fantastic. Better than Madvillain and DangerDoom combined. I'll just go out on a limb here and say that MFDoom is now my favorite MC, and to knock off Acey from the top spot is something I'd never thought was possible.

3. Tonight Fox airs a 2-hour Arrested Development extravaganza - the final 4 episodes of Season 3. Could this also be the last time we see the Bluth family, ever? God I hope not. Pick it up, please, SOMEBODY. Also, America, WATCH THE DAMNED THING.
i'm so happy you mentioned the AD thing. i didn't know and would otherwise have missed it!
1. Picking it up at lunch.
2. Agreed. Victor Vaugnn is Doom's best persona.
3. Thanks... I would have missed it.
Oh, America...
I'd probably like Arrested Development better if I knew when I was supposed to laugh! Duhhhhhhhhhhh...**fart**