Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. I'd missed seeing the "Save Our Bluths" episode - arguably one of the funniest AD episodes of all time, next to my personal favorite - so there was absolutely no way in hell that I'd miss the final 4 episodes in Fox's hardly-promoted farewell sendoff to one of the best television shows of the last 25 years. Final verdict? Good stuff, though not the atomic bomb I'd hoped for. All 4 episodes were obviously heavily (and hastily) edited and re-edited - for example, there are too many instances to name where two actors were talking and their mouths weren't lining up with the soundtrack - so one wonders what was cut. One can only hope that the DVD will hold nothing back. I personally would love it if there was a bonus feature of the entire cast and crew walking up to the office of the Head of Network Programming and taking a giant collective shit on the floor.

1a. Also - holy shit, Justine Bateman never stopped being hot. She also looked a tiny little bit like PJ Harvey, to which I also say: rowwwrrrrr.

More in a bit.

EDIT: Oh yeah. Good Evening is playing at Sin-E this Saturday. Details to come.
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