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1. Downloaded the new Lilys album last night. It's hard to know what to expect out of a Lilys record; the early stuff is straight out of My Bloody Valentine, and the middle stuff is straight out of the Kinks. This new album is both in-between that stuff and yet all-encompassing. It's not as brilliant as I want it to be, yet, but it's certainly not as half-baked as "PreCollections" felt. Anyway. I think I'm the only one around here who even knows who the Lilys are; that I adore them is why I make special mention of it here.

2. Interesting weekend shaping up, even though I'm probably not going to leaving Queens; at some point (probably Saturday) David and I are going to have an acoustic rehearsal for some forthcoming Good Evening Jr. shows, and then on Sunday my high school bandmates are coming over for an acoustic songwriting session. We'd jammed together a few times over the last 2 years or so but we never actually had anything to work on, and so while we still have an uncanny chemistry, it's just not cost effective to book studio time when there's nothing to be done. So: Sunday's session is simply a way of seeing if we can conjure anything worth pursuing. I'd like to think so, even though I'm still somewhat creatively barren at the moment.

Man. There used to be a time when I wouldn't ever settle without getting up to #5. I just don't have it this morning, unfortch.
"Better..." is great, "The 3-Way" is fantastic. I'm also a big fan of "Eccsame The Photon Band".
i've always had trouble getting into the lilys. where's the best place to start?
The way I got into them might make the most sense, even though it's probably counter-intuitive.

1. "The 3-Way" is incredibly Kinks-y but definitely isn't some sort of novelty thing - it sounds genuinely authenticly "vintage". Amazing songwriting and arrangements and style.

2. "Better Can't Make Your Life Better" is the record that came before the 3-way - it's not quite as full-bore into the Davies-bros style, but it's got some great songs on it. "Nanny in Manhattan", for one.

3. "Eccsame The Photon Band" came before "Better" and you'd think it was a completely different band. Very very shoegazy and dreamy, and yet there are a couple songs where you can hear it going into future places (which you'd already know about if you start in the middle).

4. "Precollections" came after the 3-way, a couple years ago, and it's OK but not something I would highly recommend as highly.

5. This new album is, in a way, a pretty accurate summation of what the Lilys are about - there are finally elements of ALL of these albums and styles and genres, and they coalesce into something familiar but also different from the rest of their work. The thing is, though, it's probably NOT the place to start, since you'll have a harder time appreciating it if you don't know the earlier stuff.

Does that make any sense? I'm highly caffienated right now and I'm not sure I'm coherent.