Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. The Good Evening EP gets another positive review. I don't know why the reviewer keeps mentioning that we are constantly being compared to other bands - nobody's ever heard of us. Still, a nice review. Which reminds me - we have been requested to open up for someone else's CD release party at Sin-E on Monday, March 27.

2. I did some more recording last night and came up with 4 loops, one of which can be found here. Less Talk Talk-y, more American Analog Set-y. I had a quasi-epiphany last night as I was setting up to record; I'd put iTunes on shuffle while I was getting everything organized and AAS's "Continuous Hit Music" came on - normally this song gets on my nerves but, being that I'm in a looping mood, I finally got it. 2 of the other loops are in a similar vein, and then I was fucking around and got into this afro-cuban fela-esque groove but my guitar was too loud to mix properly. Anyway. I'm being productive.

More to come, I suppose, but for now I need to eat something.
Tags: good evening, music, recording

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