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1. HOLY CRAP it's totally beautiful outside. I'm wearing my spring jacket! I'm in short sleeves! I'm.... at work. But I'll walk outside for lunch! Yay! I decree the winter doldrums are officially over. When I get home tonight I'm taking the puppies outside and we will frolic in the backyard - or, at least, I will frolic while they sit patiently and hope I give them treats.

2. HOLY CRAP my copy of GRAW arrived yesterday, rendering my already obscenely-busy workday that much more difficult to bear. The graphics are absurd (even on my regular, boring 27-inch TV) and the game itself is pretty goddamned awesome. (Probably more awesome than next-gen ping pong.)

3. HOLY CRAP it's Friday. Which means: lots of recording tonight/tomorrow; puppy bathtime on Sunday.


(p.s. Happy birthday, elttobretaw!)
GRAW looked pretty cool from what I saw from people playing it at work yesterday, but all those "modern day warfare" games blur together for me. :-\
Of course they do, Mr. Ping Pong man.

I'm teasing you, but only out of jealousy. I can't vouch for the comments made by other gaming forums, though.