Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Every day for the past week or so I've had this thing where I come home and sit in the office with my acoustic guitar next to me and I set iTunes on shuffle and I surf around for a little while and then I might pick up my guitar and strum along and ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, some song will come on and blow my fucking mind. Over the last couple days it's been:

American Analog Set - "Fool Around" and/or "Continuous Hit Music" from Promise of Love
Belle & Sebastian - "Sukie in the Graveyard" from The Life Pursuit
Lilys - "Black Carpet Magic" and/or "Scott Free" from Everything Wrong is Imaginary
Mia Doi Todd - a remix of "My Room is White" which I ganked off of Stereogum [link may or may not be working]
Genesis - "The Carpet Crawlers" which I have in 3 different forms, not including my acoustic cover version with David

Anyway, tonight it's Sigur Ros' "Gong". I'm feeling so close to getting something out on the guitar but I'm not quite there yet.

Tomorrow is an unwanted day off in order to deal with Con Ed; they sent me a bill a month ago saying that they made some adjustments to my bill to the tune of twelve hundred dollars, dating back to December. They were not able to explain how I could have possibly used that much gas/electricity in such a short amount of time without setting my apartment on fire, but they did offer me a convenient payment plan. Needless to say, homey don't play that. So I have to wait around here between the hours of 8 and 3 to get this straightened out. Hopefully the dude will show up before 10 and then I can put my headphones on for the remainder of the day.
Tags: apartment, music, songwriting

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