Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Weekend was not productive at all. It was fun, though. Saturday was spent mostly horizontal, until about 11:00pm when I got on this wierd kick and listened to nothing but Ween until about 3:30am. I love Ween. I especially love "Quebec", which I was kinda iffy on when it first came out but goddamn, it's really grown on me. The last 30 seconds of "The Argus" are totally amazing.

Kath had Sunday off - the first Sunday she's had off in a long time - and so we hung out, ate crap all day, watched a few movies, etc. We tried teaching the dogs how to walk on a leash (Exhibits A and B) but didn't have much success - Lola in particular absolutely refused to play along, and it turns out that she was pushing so hard against the leash that her rear paws were bleeding. (Kath is with them at the vet right this very minute.)

Side note - we PPV'd "The Aristrocrats", which we'd wanted to see. All in all, it was funny but not something I'd need to see again; frankly, the funniest bit was the South Park one because that was the only one that actually got "dangerous" (by invoking 9/11). Lewis Black made a really good point - in today's world, the joke isn't really terribly shocking anymore and would probably make for a successful reality show.

The Sopranos was better, although Kath pointed out that James Gandolfini is making $1million this season and half of his screentime last night was spent in a coma. Interesting. Also, I fucking hate AJ.
Tags: movies, music, puppies, sopranos, weekend recap

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