Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. I downloaded Band of Horses' "Everything All The Time" last night and it's really quite awesome. The singer might as well be the guy from the Shins, but the band has a much wider texture palette and the songs are, for the most part, quite fantastic. It's a great album to usher in Spring.

2. I was nervous about last night's live draft in the LJ-only fantasy baseball league; as it turns out, it was totally awesome and I'm forever sold on the format. In the past, I did some very minor pre-ranking adjustments and just hoped for the best; last night, I had a much better idea of where I wanted to go - and it was really quite fun having to make adjustments based on what other people were doing. Next year I'll make sure I'm a bit more prepared, but all in all I'm actually OK with my team. I've got no speed, and I've got 2 super-young starting pitchers, but I like my offense.

C - Michael Barrett
1B - Carlos Delgado / Jason Giambi
2B - Mark Loretta
SS - Bobby Crosby
3B - Eric Chavez
OF - Manny Ramirez
OF - Carlos Beltran
OF - Preston Wilson
Bench - Jay Gibbons / Lyle Overbay

SP - Dontrelle Willis
SP - Roy Halladay
SP - Zach Duke
SP - Matt Cain
SP - Francisco Liriano
RP - Brandon Lidge
RP - Derrick Turnbow

3. The Good Evening show went pretty well on Monday, aside from some major technical difficulties. I'm pretty much done with Sin-E, at this point - the sound on the stage is absolutely dreadful. We had zero turnout but there were a lot of people in the audience while we were performing, which was nice - we were also asked to do an interview after the show by a film crew who were there for a different act, which was wierd but also fun. We also might be playing Bridgeport, CT in May, and if we're going that far out of our way we'll try to get something in Boston, too, since most of you live there, anyway.

4. Coming down with Kath's cold, which is not awesome.

Thought I had enough for 5. Maybe later.
Tags: good evening, mlfnb, music

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