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1. Still recovering from the headcold of death, which has now moved into my lungs. Good times! First beautiful weekend of 2006, and I'm barely able to get off the couch.

2. OPENING DAY! I'm so pleased that the first Yankee game of the season starts at fucking 10:00pm EST. Considering that I totally forgot to set the clocks ahead last night, and also considering that we got no sleep last night because my entire block decided to have a party in Spanish starting at 11:45, which not only kept us up but also freaked out the dogs, I'm going to be lucky to survive past the 3rd inning.

3. Last night's Sopranos episode was kinda wierd, right? The first 20 minutes were kinda rough and unconnected, and then the rest of it was completely insane. Bonus points for the utterly brilliant usage of Pink Floyd's "One of These Days" for the end credits, though - that look on Paulie's face, coupled with the thumping bass intro, was just totally awesome.

Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot:

4. I cancelled my WoW account.
Like I said in my entry, I sadly found the Paulie storyline quite believable, as the same exact thing happened to one of my great-aunts.

Opening Day, biatches! My White Sox players pwned last night!
Your great-aunt... was she Paulie, or was she Paulie's aunt/mom? And was she a nun, too?
I don't think so, actually...

Oblivion is just as crack-like, but without the ganking and the shitty pick-up groups, and I generally prefer soloing anyway.

I gotta say, all the previews I've read of your ping-pong title are positively glowing. Can't wait to check it out! You guys gonna release a demo?