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Watched "Magnolia" last night, first time I'd seen it since it was in theaters. Understood it a lot better this time, and even picked up a lot more of the "82" references which are, literally, all over the place. I've had Aimee Mann songs stuck in my head all day, too, and there ain't nothing wrong with that.

It's an absolutely miserable day today in NYC. The weather report this morning said light rain, clearing up by this afternoon. I went for a smoke break about an hour ago and stepped into the middle of a monsoon. Of course, I'm totally unprepared in terms of rain gear, like that's anything unusual. Thankfully the office is pretty quiet and I haven't had a hell of a lot to do just yet.

Tonight, hopefully, I'm gonna get some work done on; I know, I know, about friggin' time. The 3 of us have had some pretty cool ideas in terms of content, and as Jongre is both unemployed and equipped with the most kick-ass computer setup, he'll most likely be in charge of putting up whatever it is we end up doing. I think there's a preliminary Bad Scrabble Hands page up there already...

***30 minutes later***

Christ. One of the partners here just called me up and asked me to go through, literally, over 6000 pages of unorganized documents to find three (3) letters. Meanwhile it's almost 1pm and noone else that I work with is here, so I'm manning the phones and not eating lunch. They're gonna kill me one of these days. I need to get a snack or something.

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