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Almost healthy again, which is a welcome change.

The irony of the internet is that while anonymity creates a certain kind of fearlessness that enables you to say things that you ordinarily might NOT say, it also makes you a big fucking pussy if you make some sort of snarky comment about someone else's work without actually having the balls to say who you are - and it also undermines the validity of your criticism since you're simply drawing more attention to it.

To recap: Kath and I gave our puppies baths and haircuts and took pictures because they are so goddamned cute it's insane - we took them on short walks outside, too, since they've finally gotten the hang of walking on leashes, and they basically broke about 1000 hearts in the short span of 8 city blocks. We love our dogs; they are essentially our children, they are now part of our family. And so I made a little post about it, since I hadn't written anything in a while and a lot of my family reads this journal.

So if I decide to put up pictures in my blog - not yours, not some sort of public message board, but my own journal that I've spent money on maintaining and cultivating, and you are going to take the time to tell me - anonymously, of course - that nobody cares, you are an idiot. You are an idiot because:

1. You are speaking for everyone, which means you're wrong.

2. You chose to speak for everyone without actually revealing who you are, which means you're a pussy.

3. You chose to tell me that "nobody cares" about my dogs. The fact that you took the time to write a comment in my journal about how apathetic you are and how non-intuitive you are about the world around you means that you're a fucking idiot. If you didn't care about my dogs, you wouldn't have bothered to comment. But something about their cute little faces must've set you off, and so you felt compelled to tell me... that you don't care. And the cirle of troll logic continues.

You also didn't notice that I logged your IP address. So, keep on keepin' on,, and be sure to let me know what else about my life you don't really care about. Normally I could give two shits about anonymous trolls in my journal, but in this particular case, since you're talking about my DOGS, you're even lower than low.
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isn't there a site devoted to finding out people based on their IP? that could come in handy for this loser...
Nobody cares about people posting anonymously about you posting about your dogs. NOBODY!

Just kidding, this is jongre.
You stole my idea for a comment!!!

but seriously Jervs, that was my life a few years back when I was on lj more actively. Every once and a while some idiot makes an annonymous post and gets me riled and I track the IP and start's not worth it.

Just ignore the diot. Delete and move on.

BTW- did you get a TV yet and will I ever get my CD :( ?
I haven't gotten a TV yet, but I will, and you will certainly get a CD. You could also come to a show, too!
People who make mean comments about other people's journal entries, are the same people who push kids down and steal their ice cream. I usually want to reach out and hug these little dickless bullies because they're obviously not getting the love they need. In this case, however...they pushed My family. To "the anonymous", I hope you experience the wrath of kahn and feel the power of slick shoes the next time you walk over something really, really sharp. Oh, and I hope your next waiter sneezes into your burger and stank palms your fries. Other than that...and I've said it before...keep your negativity to yourself. No one gives a rat's ass what you think. We are all just trying to have some joy in our lives. Crawl back under your rock, Mr. Anonymous, the rest of us are just trying to have some fun.
I cared about your puppies. :) It was a nice little CUTE to start my morning with! :)
Dude. If you EVER stop posting the cuteness that is "tiny doggies," I'm coming over there to kick your ASS.

P.S. Kath! Slick shoes?? Are you CRAZY??
With budget cuts, asistantship ya-ya, and income taxes on my end, I am ALL ABOUT cute sweet doggies. Bring it.

And he's reading someone's personal journal instead of Lofty Political Site #1024 and expecting to find . . .?