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The Good Evening EP has a new review up - featuring audio! - courtesy of stacyinthecity. Thanks, Stacy!

I've reluctantly predicted the inevitable demise of the Yankees for the last 3 or 4 seasons, and they somehow always got it together enough to make the playoffs. This, then, is probably the year that it falls apart. Now, I don't want to get ahead of myself - after all, we're 2 weeks into the season and the Yankees have played a grand total of three (3) games at home, far less than anyone else in the league - but our pitching just sucks. Not only that, but Toronto looks absolutely ferocious and Boston is, well, Boston. I'm not giving up on the season, of course, but it's not looking good.

Al Leiter was broadcasting the game last night in the YES booth with Ken Singleton, and he wasn't that great, in my opinion. Had some good insight but he seemed really reluctant to open his mouth and improvise, and most of his comments were short and terse. Maybe it's nerves. I'll say this, though - he's a significant improvement over Michael Kay and Bobby Murcer. I'll also admit that I didn't watch the whole game, once it became clear that Unit had absolutely nothing (which was about 4 pitches into the 1st inning).
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