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1. Preston Wilson is single-handedly sabotaging my fantasy baseball team. His line this week: 6 for 31, 14 strikeouts.

2. Another great band rehearsal last night; I don't know why, but all of us have really been enjoying the last few rehearsals in the new space, and we've been working hard. It's really just been David and I tweaking our guitar sounds and fixing up arrangements, with Mike's fantastic ear guiding us along. I just wish we were working on new material; I'm anxious to apply what we've been doing to new stuff.

3. Must. Resist. Urge To Run Out To Dunkin Donuts.
I'm even-Steven. Not only am I 6th out of 11, which puts me in the middle of the pack, but yesterday I did not move one point up or down!
Yes, but work is reaming me this week, no-lube style. You'll have to decide... you'll have to decide... [/airplane!]
regarding dunkin donuts - i have an as-of-yet-unused package of beignet mix in my kitchen pantry and i think i will mix it up sunday morning and serve the beignets with some fresh dark coffee for dunkin'. Dude. Thanks for reminding me of the beignets. Mmmm. You don't want Dunkin Donuts - Fresh, hot homemade beignets are SO MUCH BETTER! Wish I could invite you and Kath over for brunch! It'd be a pretty long trip, though - to NM from NY.

NY to NM for beignets is a bit of a hike. What the hell is a beignet? Is it like a bialy?
Beignets are goooooood.

They're little squares of fried dough, covered in powdered sugar. Usually served with cafe au lait. I'm going to Baton Rouge tomorrow on a disc golf outing and there is a great place for beignets there, right by the interstate. Mmmmmmm.

As for fantasy baseball, my team has been having major injury problems. I have two starters on the DL and guys missing games left and right. Almost everyone on my team is off to a slow start. I'm not going to hit the panic button or churn the roster just yet, though.
Dude. If you either accidentally or on purpose just called me a Goddess (in spite of the use of the word "droppings" in the same phrase) I LOVE YOU! SERIOUSLY!



P.S. I just "LJ-friended" you.
Re: yeeeessssss.
Heh. Well, I happen to like beignets. On my one trip to New Orleans I ate many. And if you can make good ones, you're at least a demi-goddess in my book :)
Re: yeeeessssss.
I am, at the very least, a demi-goddess in my kitchen, or as my good ol' friend Jerry from South Carolina used to describe me, "A honey in the kitchen and a tigress in the bedroom!" That's ME!

To make good beignets you need SIFTED pastry flour and you need to be careful not to overwork the dough - always use the FRESHEST eggs - make sure the dough/batter is room temp before frying and they'll come out light and fluffy and it is like little lighter-than-air bits of pouffy heaven! YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT, TOO! POUFFY HEAVENLY BITS! YUM!