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punching Lauren Bacall in the face

Wierd weekend... lots of activity, lots of bad medical news in my family, terrible weather, fantastic band rehearsal, extended puppy time and not a lot of sleep.

1. We don't know what's gotten into us, but ever since the band moved into the new space three notable things have happened: we're playing as well as we've ever played, we're sounding a lot better, and we've been having the most fun we've ever had. Our old material is staying fresh thanks to the new adjustments we've been making; the guitars are finally blending; and when we're not reassembling our songs, we're cracking ourselves up with these long, frighteningly accurate "genre" jams, i.e. - we got to the outro of one of the new songs and instead of ending it like we normally do we all spontaneously started playing a nearly note-for-note version of Sting's "Seven Days", of all things. I've never been in a band before where everyone is a thousand times more musically literate than I am, and every time we play they continue to amaze me. It's mostly just nice to have an intense, productive rehearsal where nobody's arguing, nobody's feelings are getting hurt, everyone is speaking up and offering ideas and - above all else - we're having fun.

2. My mother broke her heel on Friday night, my stepfather had an irregular heartbeat on Saturday morning, and apparently some time near the end of last week my 90+ year old great-aunt Sylvia suffered a very minor stroke. My mom is in a great deal of pain, but she at least had a sense of humor about it - my mom and stepdad were heading into the city to have dinner and see something at Carnegie Hall, and for whatever reason they had a difficult time getting into the city so they weren't able to have dinner at their usual place... so they looked around and noticed they were right next to a Hooters. Yes. So they had dinner at Hooters, and on the way out my mom slipped and ultimately broke her heelbone. Karmic retribution, says she.

3. Lovely dinner on Saturday night with Kath's parents, who happened to be in town. It was cold and rainy and so we ordered in, from this fantastic Italian place we just discovered on Steinway. Sure it's tacky to order in for your parents, but they didn't want to go out either, and the meal was great.

4. I think my fantasy baseball team is pretty much fucked for the rest of the season; my pitching is pretty awful, I've got zero speed, Preston Wilson has struck out 97 times... but Giambi hit 2 HR yesterday with 5 rbi, so...

5. Pretty good episode last night, I think, even though I think I'm done with the Artie storylines. His storylines might be interesting in a different, seperate context, but here they're annoying and not very compelling. Last week's teaser for this episode mostly centered on Christopher in LA, which I was a bit nervous about - as it turns out, it was pretty awesome, and the Ben Kingsley cameo was TOTALLY unexpected even though they'd dropped his name. And Christopher punching Lauren Bacall in the face is a top-10 series moment for me, hands down. I'll also say - I can't remember the character's name, the guy who's the intermediary between Tony and Johnny Sack, the guy who's cousin married the now-outed guy... anyway, that guy - he scares me. He's such a sinister bastard. Next week's show looks to be centered around AJ... I'm hoping he dies.
Man, the more I think about last night's Sopranos, the more I think it was the best episode of the season yet. Even Artie couldn't turn me off to the episode, mostly because his pissing and moaning got answered in a big way by the end of the episode.

Someone on Television Without Pity posited that the entire episode was a tribute to the classic Bugs Bunny cartoon, Slick Hare. More internet-fan mental masturbation, I fear, but funny nonetheless.
Re: oh, FUUUUCK.
Heh. I dunno about the Slick Hare thing - if anything, it reminded me of Fatal Attraction.

I'm not sure if I would call it the best episode of the season - it's been a pretty weak season, when I think about it, and the only episode off the top of my head that I was really into was the Paulie-centered one (and even that is mostly because of the last 30 seconds) - but it was definitely entertaining. Watching Christopher become unhinged was pretty hilarious/scary, too... and Sir Ben was amazing. Yeah, maybe it was the best episode after all...
Re: oh, FUUUUCK.
Yeah, see? Not a whole lot to compare it to.

Personally, I could feel the sleaze coming off the screen when Christopher and Little Carmine were in the Luxury Lounge and about 10 different rip-off scenarios were going through their heads. In the end, Chrissy mugs an 80-year-old woman. THAT'S-A ITALIAN! *kisses fingertips*
which place on steinway? there is a place i order pasta from called roma's or something like that. yum.

also, i wanted to invite you and your wife and anyone else you would like to bring along to the beer garden this saturday. my friend is throwing me a "welcome back to life" party and it should be lots of fun. hopefully the weather improves.
I can't remember the name of it, but it's (I think) on the west side of Steinway, around 30th Avenue or so.

Beer Garden! Saturday! Done and done. Email me at jervonyc at gmail and gimme deets.
That guy is Phil Leotardo, and I'm pretty sure it's the eyebrows. Dude scares the bejeezus out of me, too.