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1. I have a maddening urge to go over to the Best Buy that's sorta near my office, but there's nothing out that I need, or even really want. The Delicatessen DVD doesn't come out until next week, and the Criterion edition of 400 Blows comes out the following week... there aren't any must-have games out, either, although I wouldn't mind checking out Dreamfall... in any event, if I can continue to remind myself to consolidate my shopping excursions, I should be able to get through the day without too much trouble.

2. I'm going up to visit my mom on Friday - delphicdays, I may end up being a little late on Saturday, depending on the traffic.

3. Very, very slow morning, work-wise. But I'm having a very, very slow morning brain-wise, too, which is why I'm only posting now, moments before I trudge off for something lunch-related. The day looks to be turning out quite nicely; it's such a shame that there's nothing to do around here. I think this is why my urge to go over to Best Buy today is particularly strong; it's a long-ish walk and my main boss won't be in until later, anyway.

3 is all I can muster. Maybe I'll do some memes this afternoon.
It's just that I forgot I was supposed to go visit my mom this weekend, and since she's broken her foot it's extra-important that I get up there... but I should be back in Astoria by 7:30/8ish, and drinking beers with you shortly thereafter.