Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. I was home yesterday because our DVR machine exploded. Time Warner Cable was scheduled to arrive between 12-4. Of course, they arrived at 5:15, so I missed ALL of yesterday's gorgeousness, but our DVR is fixed and I didn't have to go to work. When the cable guy saw our DVR unit, he audibly gasped and told me, "I didn't think they still made these. I call this one the prototype." So that's nice, that our original installation was a total sham. Whatevs - the new unit does all the cool things that we didn't know it could do (i.e., the search function is 1000x better), takes up half as much space, and looks all snazzy-like.

2. While I've been listening to tuneful, melodic indie rock (Loose Fur, Band of Horses, et al), Michael is listening to peyote nightmares. Exhibit A - Liars, "Drum's Not Dead", which I listened to after the cable guy left and I could finally embark on grocery shopping. "Drum's Not Dead" is one of the most fucked-up, amazing albums I've ever heard. It's DEFINITELY the sort of album that the iTunes 30-second preview will NOT help you with, and it's also the sort of album that may fuck up your grocery shopping concentration because your head is on fire. Exhibit B is Midlake, "Bamnan and Slivercork", which sounds like a band that is obsessed with Radiohead but ONLY "Kid A" and "Amnesiac".

3. Speaking of which, Good Evening continues to be making excellent, fun progress. We are supposedly rehearsing with Matt Johnson (ex-Jeff Buckley) during the 2nd week of May, which is insane.

4. Speaking of insane, my "Rejected" DVD single arrived in the mail today, much earlier than expected. I am overjoyed. (This is where my current icon comes from, in case you were wondering.)

5. Finished "Blind Assassin" yesterday; what a fantastic book. Is "Handmaiden's Tale" good, too? No matter - I'm starting the Sandman books tonight, which kayhoe is devouring ahead of me.

Going up to mom's house tonight to spend some time with her and her broken foot; we head back into the city tomorrow night, hopefully in time to have a long-awaited beer with delphicdays at the Beer Garden; beyond that, I have no idea.
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