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1. Talk about adding injury to insult - not only do the Yankees play terribly and lose 2 out of 3 at home to the Sox, but Hideki Matsui's broken wrist will possibly sideline him for the rest of the year. Awesome. Already the calls are going out to get Soriano back to play left field... the mind reels. Randy Johnson can't pitch effectively, Arod can't come through in clutch situations - or, really, any situations, Bernie is embarassing to watch, Tanyon Sturtze continues to pitch, nobody can play defense... I know that the vast majority of you consider the whining of a Yankee fan grounds for a severe beating, but that's the beauty of the internet - none of you know where I live.

2. One of the coolest things about this year's E3 is that tons of cool shit are available to download on my Xbox360 - there are 2 or 3 cool demos out right now, lots of trailers... but so far the coolest thing is that last night I downloaded UNO. It might be kinda sad to be excited about playing UNO without actually using any physical cards, but the cool part is that you can't get punched in the arm after dropping a whole mess of "Draw 2s", "Skips, "Reverses" and the dreaded "Wild Draw 4". And I've gotta say, having played a ton of hands last night with some Friendslist peeps, I'm VERY excited to play some poker over XboxLive - especially with the XboxCamera that should be coming out in the fall.

Jesus, that's a lot of nerd-ery. Unfortunately, that's all I've got for this morning. Gnarls Barkley continues to rock my world. The puppies continue to be confused at Kath's absence and yet their cuteness continues to make up for the endless barrage of "poop incidents". Work continues to be busy as all get-out. I continue to sneeze.
I know where you live.

they need pitching and bad. They have enough hitting to win its just they make the other teams offense score.
We need more effective starting pitching, we need a better bullpen - but we also need to shore up the defense so we don't let a bad inning get worse.
Nerd. It's cool though, I should be cracking open my 360 sometime today. "Lord Hoffie II" is my handle on XBL. I've had it for a week, but haven't yet opened it because of a ridiuclously busy school week. I cannot wait for the midterm I'm about to take to be over.

How about a weekend scrollwheel tourney?
1. I will add you to my list pronto - I am "JervoNYC". What games do you have?

2. Good call on the scrollwheel. I'll get on it as soon as I can.
I'm just leaving for my test, and they always fill up before I get in. Wait an hour, I'll love you long time.

I only have CoD2 right now. My homies have most of the other big namers, I plan on borrowing after completing the campaign.

I less-than-three some WWII action. I can't wait for the Live stuff too. I know a TON was released just this week. Hooray E3!
Do we want to do an actual tournament? If people submit playlists today, and we get to 32, and I can do the seedings over the weekend and kick off Round 1 on Monday...