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1. Kath comes home tonight!

2. Jorge!

3. I have to pat myself on the back for a moment. Good Evening formally restarted its drummer search yesterday, because I'm taking charge. I put up a pretty good ad (if I may say so) on Craigslist and 2 of the 3 responses we got are incredibly promising. Hell, just getting 3 responses at all is incredibly promising.

There'd be more, but I'm just too goddamned excited for Kath to come home.
Re: #1, I am pretty psyched for Kath's return myself, but probably no one is more excited than you & the doggies. YAY!

In fact, I'm takin' bets on which one of you will slobber on her face the most, and lemme tell ya, the odds are about even for all o' yas. *wink*
You must've skipped that part in this entry.

He's a super-nice guy, and I'm sure if we needed an emergency drummer for something he'd do - I just don't think we could afford him, and he's most probably not looking to join an unsigned band when he's got Rufus and Duncan Sheik to play with.
I read that part originally, funpants. The way you wrote it at that point it sounded more promising than not, is all.

But you're right, who WOULDN'T want to play with Duncan Sheik! I am barely breathin'......
I mean in terms of getting paid. A gig with Rufus will probably pay more than a gig with us, who can barely afford the cabride home.