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1. Kath is home! YAY! I'll spare you all the intense sappiness that's happening right now, but I just needed to say how happy I am to have her back home.

2. I was listening to Gnarls Barkley last night as I was racing home* from rehearsal and it occured to me that the drumbeats in "Just A Thought" might very well be a sped-up sample from Radiohead's "Talk Show Host", which then prompted me to check; they're definitely similar, and they're both distorted, so it's a possibility. Anyway, that got me to realizing that I hadn't listened to any Radiohead in a loooong time, and I skimmed my way through Kid A and Amnesiac. And then I realized that this would make a pretty good poll question - it's been a few years since Kid A and Amnesiac were released, after all, and I'm curious as to the lay of this particular land.

Kid A or Amnesiac?

Kid A
I like them both equally
I hate them both equally
I hate Radiohead but I like to click on stuff

3. Speaking of Good Evening, this is as good a time as any to announce that we're playing Pianos next Wednesday, the 24th, at 8pm. Don't say I didn't give you enough warning! It's early! It's a new venue for us! Be there!

I've got training at 10:30; hopefully the rest of the day will be as slow. I can't think or concentrate on anything.

* The N train is not speedy after 9pm. Last night's post-rehearsal subway trip: 1 hour, 10 minutes.
Honestly, I don't even think this should be a question. While there are a few good, even great, songs on Amnesiac, as an overall album it just doesn't compare. This is largely because of "Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors"...putting that at track 3 was a biiig mistake.

My opinion is largely shaped by my initial experience with Kid A. I picked it up the day it came out and I very clearly remember thinking during my first listen that it was a joke. No way was this the new Radiohead album, where were the guitars? But I knew there was something to it, so I kept listening, and by my 4th listen something snapped inside of me and I immediately became obsessed. That album more than almost any other album I've heard in the last 10 years had such an immediate impact on me that it'll always have that place in my heart.
I had a similar experience with my first listen of Kid A - I bought a new set of kick-ass headphones, got super-high, turned out all the lights in my room and... got my brains scrambled, but not like how I anticipated.

Last night as I skimmed through both of them, I found that while Kid A made a larger impression on me when I first heard it, and thusly Amnesiac couldn't ever affect me the way that Kid A did because it was released 2nd, it's Amnesiac that's held up the longest. I love "Pull/Pulk..." and I think it's illogical to say it's a mistake to put that song at Track 3, considering what track number the equally strange "Kid A" occupies on Kid A.

I love them both - but yeah, Amnesiac has held up longer. Which brings me to Hail to the Thief, which I've discovered I'm actually kinda sour on.
amnesiac...even if only for "pyramid song" which is one of all time favorite songs. EVER.
Interesting question. For whatever reason my iPod does not play a lot of Radiohead on shuffle, so I decided to do some straight-through album listening.

When I drove to Florida a few days ago I listened to those entire two albums one after the other: first Amnesiac, then Kid A. There's no question to me that Kid A is a more cohesive and powerful artistic statement. Amnesiac, despite having the stunning and jaw-droppingly gorgeous "Pyramid Song," is a bit scattered.

On the way back from Florida, I listened to OK Computer, and was reminded of why it is my favorite of all Radiohead albums.
As much as I love Kid A, Amnesiac get twice as much play on my iPod. I absolutely adore that album.
Dude you see how fast the tickets for Radiohead sold out and what they are going for? I want to go so bad but I refuse to pay $200 for a ticket...
I almost said "I hate them both equally," but that's not quite true. I simply do not enjoy the work you must do in order to enjoy them. Some music is difficult, yes, but I think they struck the perfect balance with OK Computer: what you get out if it is, without a doubt, worth the time you put into it.

It's not as clear-cut with Kid A, and Amnesiac just feels like a diminished version of Kid A to me. They both have their moments, though.