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This is a post to say I am alive. I've had a ferocious headcold all weekend and I just barely made it in to work today.

This is also a post to get me closer to 2000.

This is also a reminder that if you're in the NYC area tomorrow, Good Evening is playing at Pianos at 7:30pm.

Mostly, though, this is a post because today is my 2 year wedding anniversary with kayhoe, the love of my life, and that's what's keeping me happy despite my shitty state. I love you, baby!


By the way, I am SO sorry I dropped the ball on scrollwheel the past week. Trip prep and other problems have eaten up my days. Do whatever you'd like while I'm in the UK; I'll run the tourney when I get back.
I love you too sweet cheeks! We were married for about 3 minutes when we took this picture. Things just got better as time went on. I love ya!
Happy, happy!!
I kinda wondered if your anniverseray were somewhere around now, but I thought it was closer to June...(what little brain power I have left definitely isn't concentrated in long or short term memory ;-)). Anyway....It's great to know you guys are so happy. Susan, Devin and I wish you a happy commemoration. Love to you both.....Dad
happy anniversary! you guys are so cute.

i swear you were writing about your wedding in your journal like, last week. time flies.
Feel better soon!

What a cute picture; you look so happy! Happy Anniversary!