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I was all set to make entry #2000 a big razzle-dazzle production with all sorts of fun trivia and such, but I ran into a few problems:

(a) I got totally swamped at work, rendering me unable to do the necessary preparations;
(b) I got sick, which meant my already-limited free time was spent sneezing;
(c) I think I got intimidated by the perceived enormity of a "2000th entry" and kept pushing it off, which might also explain why I haven't written much this week; and
(c) I ultimately realized that it would be of interest to absolutely noone, not even me.

So you get nothing.

1. I'm almost healthy - just in time for the long weekend, which so far is looking like it'll be rainy.

2. The Good Evening show on Wednesday is, thus far, the best show we've played. Sure there were a few mistakes, but overall it came off quite well. Not a huge turnout, though, which might make booking Pianos harder in the future, but we'll see. That's not my department, anyway. We have a soundboard recording, which apparently has the expected wonkiness in levels (only David has heard it thus far), but if anything turns out to be halfway listenable I'll post an mp3 or two.

3. We got home from the gig in time to catch up with Lost. I hadn't watched any of this season past the 2nd episode, when I got so frustrated with the ridiculous cliffhangers that I might have had a small tantrum. Anyway, I wasn't planning on watching the finale, either, but I will admit that I got sucked into it. I'll also come right out and say that I was into it because THINGS WERE ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Maybe they'd been happening all season; I don't know. Kath got me caught up on what was unclear during commercials and I think I understood the rest of it. I can see why you Lost-people are so enamored with it. I'm not sure I'll take the bait on Season 3 but I'll keep my snarky comments to myself for the time being.

3a. Kath and I have been joking about "snark fins". Watch out for the giant snark!, I'll shout. I need to make a snark fin icon.

3b. I think we're gonna see MI:3 tonight, if it's not raining too much.

4. Going to the doctor on Tuesday morning. I'll post more about that once I know what's going on.

5. If we get any nice weather this weekend, I wanna hit the Beer Garden.

That is all. Lame by "2000" standards, but dem's the breaks. Have a great weekend, people!

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