Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. I have a sinking feeling that the drummer we were supposed to audition tonight is not going to show up. As with the last guy, he's been AWOL from e-mail for the last week. This is beyond ridiculous.

2. Good news, though: my wallet WAS found. Turns out that my bank gave me the wrong phone number of the guy who found it; the guy who called it in is one of the co-owners of the rehearsal studio, who found the wallet on top of one of the vending machines, with all the cash still in it. I should be getting it back tonight, then, even though pretty much everything in it is irrelevant now - besides the pictures and the wallet itself, which was a gift from Kath and which I really, really like.

3. This story in today's Onion totally cracked me up. Tom Emanski's ads are on all the time on YES.

4. I fully expected the Red Sox to beat the shit out of the Yankees this week, what with the absence of most of the Yankees injured or sick and the bullpen an absolute mess. Now that I've opened my big mouth, I'm sure the jinx is on. Yay for me. Still, though, Melky's catch was amazing, even if Manny's on my fantasy team.

5. Bought 2 books yesterday. Started Eco's "Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana", and then will get into Atwood's "Oryx & Crake". Then, once Kath is finished ahead of me, back to Sandman 5-11.

5. What else, what else... I'm now fully finished with Oblivion, Achievement-points-wise, which means I can now turn my full attention to Ping Pong.
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