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I never ended up deciding between XTC and Hum; my iPod kept doing interesting things on shuffle. Which reminds me, we are long overdue for a scrollwheel tourney.

Got a haircut during my lunch hour, and for the first time in my life I went to the salon without a plan; told my regular stylist to go a little crazy. The end result is not crazy, and the photo below does not do it justice, but I do feel like I lost about 20 pounds. I should add that in the 2nd photo, I'm on the phone with kayhoe, who was on her lunch break at JURY DUTY. :(


Apologies for the delays! My plans for the tournament got scuttled by real life.

A covers competition would be great! jervo?
I will sadly not have time to do this for the rest of the afternoon, as meetings beckon. But tomorrow morning, definitely!
Fuck it, I'll set it up right now. I can't do the fancy HTMLing you do, but I'll just set it up for... 15?
My gf just got empaneled today for jury duty. Considering we're closing on our place next Wednesday morning, this could get interesting...
1. Jury Duty is all over the place right now - off the top of my head I'm counting at least 5 friends who are down with juryitis. I best be getting immunized.

2. Good luck with that. I've got 2 things for her to say:
- "I'm awesome at being a juror. I can tell if they're guilty just by looking at them."
- "I believe in the death penalty, even for misdemeanors."
Heh, Jury Duty does seem to be the new Mole Check. Thankfully she should be done with it today.

Also, I gotta admit I dug Old and Busted a bit more, but that's largely because Old and Busted is my exact haircut at this moment.
The new hotness is quite different today, since it's styled somewhat. I've had old and busted for the last 20 years.
I just have to say that the MiB reference made my day. I don't know why, but it just did.
That's probably the highlight of that whole movie. That and David Cross's extended screen time.
Re: new do.
Thank you, but all I'm seeing in the new haircut is how goddamned GREY it all is.
Re: new do.
I HATE that!! I did my hair a new way last week and a whole new patch of grey showed up. The same thing happened when I decided to part my hair differently. Another patch of grey!
Dude. Hot. I'm seeing a LOT of Han Solo in the new 'do. Your wife will never ever leave you.

And if she does... call me.

(I'm kidding, Kath! Please don't kick my ass)
I was on the phone with Kath when I read this, so I read it to her. She says... "I'm putting my ass-kicking foot back down. Slowly."
Looks like new hotness has made you...angrier. I like it!
I like how you pointed to your hair in the "before" photo — presumably to make it clear that it was your own hair you got cut, and not someone else's? Finally I realize how little you think of us, your audience.

Also, that second photo has captured the "WTF?" look of Pam/Dawn on the phone with Michael/David. Kudos.
hooray for cubicle pictures :) and hooray for new hotness.