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Update on the Good Evening TV thing: holy shit, what a ridiculous waste of time. We'd have to fly out to L.A. on our own dime, and record 3 covers and one (1) original. It apparently gets worse, but for now, that pretty much answers that question.

ALSO: happy birthday to vfc and jenburgess!
It would almost be worth doing this show if he WERE doing it (I have no idea - the show is called "Star Tomorrow"), just so I could walk right up to him, ask him to autograph my Deconstruction CD, and then ask, "Davey... what happened?"
Speaking of "wha happun?" did you see that Eric Avery will be the bassist for the reconvening Smashing Pumpkins?
It's not official; he's been rehearsing with them since the "reunion" was announced. Melissa Ooof da More may still end up being the regular bassist.
Dude, seriously. First of all, what the hell was he doing that kept him from the JA reunion? Secondly, if Eric A. had problems with Perry... how in the holy fuck is he going to be able to deal with Billy?

And, also, is hooking Eric Avery up with Jimmy Chamberlain a good idea? Musically, yes indeedy, but from a recovering-addict standpoint?
Thank you! Thank goodness for LJ birthday updates, right?
I appreciate it!