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1. Adam Corolla hangs up on Ann Coulter.

2. Downloaded the new-ish Sonic Youth last night; it's rather awesome. /rimshot

3. Viva Italia! I was at band rehearsal and missed the whole thing, but still - kudos to youdos.

4. When Kath and I signed up for Intelliflix, the evil bastard cousin of Netflix, the first DVD she put on our queue was the Seven-Up series, which ironically enough was the very thing we received, and we ended up sending it back because it was scratched. Anyway, she had a borrowed copy with her this weekend and I ended up getting sucked into it as well. The show was apparently meant to illustrate Britain's class structure and how it affects the lives of children as they are revisited every 7 years; the class thing ends up being a side story as the actual human drama becomes quite moving, especially Neil. Quite possibly the first reality show. If you end up watching it, you may want to space out your viewings; it can get a bit repetitive if you watch it all in one go, as each installment was originally shown 7 years apart.

5 will have to wait a bit.
Hah! I hadn't heard that Adam Corolla thing; thanks for the transcript. :)
Re: mccarth0wned
The provided mp3 is even better; the transcript is short but she manages to be a condescending bitch even in her 10 seconds of airtime. And then Adam and crew just shit all over her.
In my limited experience watching Ann Coulter in various TV appearances surrounding the promotion of her book, I usually just end up shocked into angry silence with my mouth kind of hanging open helplessly. But surprisingly, I'm not reacting to her political views, since what she appears to have are not so much views as 'pre-scripted, poorly-researched sound bites.' I have never seen anyone given more exposure for so little insight! When Matt Lauer interviewed her (briefly) while back, and asked her for a few simple comments on the Bush agenda, her response was several long seconds of silence, then a stuttering, defensive "I...I don't know." Incredible. Is this what passes for intelligent debate these days? Airheads from Aryan Darien, CT who essentially yell "nanny nanny!" at you from their side of the playground, then run home with the ball when you try and engage them? Pathetic.
I make a point of never listening to her or watching her; so, in my world, there is no "Ann Coulter."

It's happier in my world.
regarding A. Coulter.

i agree the fundamental problem is that she is a fucking ass but also a nice piece of ass which is confusing.

My friend once said "Oh, i'd fuck Ann Coulter, but it would be, like, a revenge fuck"


sorry to swear all over your LJ

tell me about your band!!!

Regarding Ann Coulter: there is absolutely no set of circumstances that would permit me to even be naked in a room with her, let alone attempting intercourse. I say "attempt" because the thought of having sex with Ann Coulter makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Leaving aside her too-prominent Adam's apple and her chicken-bone frame; goddammit, I'm getting nauseous just thinking about it.

Regarding swearing in my LJ: fucking fuckity fuck fuck fuck. The more the merrier.

Regarding my band: I've got plenty of LJ entries with a "good evening" tag; you can always check out our myspace page (or our real page.)
I concur on the new SY album. Its like they decided to make "Dirty" again...
It's also the first time in years where Kim Gordon doesn't totally suck.

Are you Xboxing at all? Haven't seen you online in ages.

Oh - and I'm definitely going to be getting something HDTV-y in the coming months.
Nah I work too much. We're remodeling so if you want a stupid deal I have stuff mad cheap...call me.