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Compared to where I was working yesterday, the office where I'm temping today is, to put it mildly, facist. The air conditioning is set on freeze, the internet connection is sketchy at best and doesn't quite make any sense (i.e., is firedwalled, but works just fine), and snack foods are completely unavailable for temps (you gotta pay 50 cents for a cup of coffee, and you can't even pay cash - you need a pre-paid employee card, which obviously I don't have). It's been busy, but not annoyingly, though, and time seems to be moving at an acceptable pace.

Unfortunately my friend Karie and I got crossed up on our meeting time and so I missed her completely, even though it turns out we were only a block away from each other.

I would like to apologize to Citibank for having referred to it at Shittybank or Citicrap, because as it turns out, I can still get cash even when I'm flat-ass broke. Yay. I can eat now.

Since I got home earlier than I expected last night, I went to work on my songs, and lo and behold - my sampler is working again. It's fucking me up. I don't know what to work on. I think I should anticipate having technical problems and work on a non-looping set, so I don't end up playing for 20 minutes and looking sheepish. Jesus, the gig's in 2 weeks; I'm not ready yet, at all.
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