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There was a brownout in Astoria last night - indeed, apparently for most of northwestern Queens - and so I'm in a very cranky mood because I got approximately 20 minutes of sleep. The power was just barely on... all our light bulbs were at 10% of their normal brightness, our ACs kept shutting off, our box fan was on maximum power and we barely felt it, all our landline phones died... at 6:15 this morning everything suddenly started working again, except our kitchen is dead. Went to the basement to check the fusebox and everything's in order; called the neighbors downstairs and they have the same problem, that whole side of the building is just dead. Good thing I went grocery shopping yesterday... oh, wait.

And to top it all off, I have my employee review session this afternoon. I almost didn't even come in.
So did you not get a chance to see Sidney Ponson work his magic? I was seriously worried he was going to drop dead right on the mound at some point last night.
I turned on the game right as he was leaving; I didn't even know he was starting, I thought he was being used as middle relief. And obviously I had no idea that we won, either.