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I am giving Pitchfork the finger on behalf of the French Kicks, whose new album deserves a lot higher than its 6.0 review, a review in which a 6.0 seems almost generous.  Pitchfork has more or less shit all over the Kicks for all 3 of their albums, which is ridiculous, IMHO.  The Kicks' approach to song arrangement has been a huge influence on Good Evening; look no further than "Faster" to see us cribbing shamelessly from their own "Crying Just For Show" off their first album. 

In any event - fuck you, Pitchfork.  "So Far We Are" is my theme song for Summer 2006.
good ol' Pitchfork.

did I ever tell you that I played a solo show with the French Kicks in Athens, GA back in 2001, and there were three people there?