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1. What is this world coming to, when Monopoly money is being phased out and replaced with Monopoly debit cards?

2. Busy but good weekend; lots of Good Evening rehearsals, lots of productive errand running (which also resulted in the purchase of a kick-ass iPod stereo). I am psyched about the Good Evening show tomorrow and I am even more psyched about vacation.

3. Speaking of which - GOOD EVENING plays TUESDAY, JULY 25 at 7:30 at Pianos. We are giving away free copies of our EP! I'll be giving away my drink tickets! We're playing new songs!

4. I am very, very geeked out about the new Pynchon book.

I am drawing a blank for #5.
fresh from the "things that suck" pile:

i am working late tomorrow. yet ANOTHER MISSED show. i'm sorry. but good luck!
Re: 4.

Dude. This gives me SUCH incentive to read Mason & Dixon (which I assured myself I would read during the 9 months of pregnancy but instead spent the time eating fried chicken...).

I do have a copy. It peeks out of my bookshelf and mocks me for my inadequacy.

Did you read? Like?
I read it when it came out, when I was more into the idea about reading a Pynchon novel than the actual novel itself. I've been meaning to read it again, to be honest. What I remember about it is that it's incredibly surreal and that ye olde English takes some getting used to.
Gravity's Rainbow. Still my favorite Pynchon. Crying of Lot 49 second.
Suddenly lost ability to speak in full sentences. Not sure why happen.
Gravity's Rainbow is indeed terrific, as is Crying of Lot 49 and V. I will admit that I've tried to read Vineland at least 4 or 5 times and have never actually finished it - something about that book gets me so confused and frustrated and I end up just bailing on it.