Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Having a bit of trouble sleeping; probably because I go to work again tomorrow and this long, surreal vacation will be over.  Vacation wasn't necessarily relaxing while we were there; 2 full days of 12 hour car rides doesn't do anybody any good; and with the exception of the recording of "I'm Connected" last night I didn't really get anything done while I was here. 

Showtime had "Everyone Stares" on tonight, Stewart Copeland's first-person documentary on the Police.  It wasn't necessarily very illuminating, but it has lots of amazing footage and it goes a long way towards showing how fucking awesome they must've been in concert.  Also, Stewart apparently did a lot of audio manipulation to some classic Police songs - at first I thought they were alternate versions, but the end credits revealed that they're actually quite recent.  In any event, I'm hopeful that the DVD release (mid-September) contains some of these "revisited" songs.

The Yankees have been without Matsui and Sheffield for months, they've had no reliable pitching out of anybody besides Moose, Wang and Mo, and yet somehow they're 2 games in front of the Red Sox and they've got the 2nd best record in the majors.  I don't quite trust it, and I'm pretty sure the wheels will fall off any minute now, but I must say I'm pleasantly surprised. 

Hmm.  I started this entry anticipating that I might be getting into some sort of long dark night of the soul-type thing, but for whatever reason I'm not quite there yet.  Still wide awake, though.

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