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1.  This is hard to believe, but yet another drummer flaked out on an audition with us yesterday.  This after he bitched us out about taking too long to get back to him, even though we'd told him that we were unavailable for a short period of time.  We got a lot of work done, though, and we'll be in good shape for the GIG on WEDNESDAY at Sin-E at 8pm.

2.  New favorite band: Deerhoof.  I'd grown to adore "The Runners Four" and ended up binging and bought "Apple O'", "MilkMan" and "Reveille" yesterday, and they're all pretty much fantastic.  

3.  Kath got home safe and sound very early yesterday morning.  She and I are absurdly busy this week, though, and our only night to hang out is tomorrow.

Work continues to pile on.
deerhoof opened for "the head" in san diego last month, but we got there last and missed them completely. if they're cool enough to tour with thom & the gang, i might have to give 'em a listen.
Wow dude whats the name of your band and what kind of stuff you play? Is it cool to befriend?